Growth in sales

Within the first 12 months of implementation

Identifying sales trends, voids, automated auditing features, opportunity identification and more ensure that your business has the tools it needs to grow. For the field, many of our tools offer efficiency gains that ultimately lead to more time with customers, which lends itself to more time selling.

A platform that gives you the power for growth

Our clients will tell you, you’re in for a saving. Our features, no matter what type of configuration you use, will help grow your sales and improve your administration overheads by 10%. Not mention, happier team members, less driving, more selling time.

Increased on shelf availability

Planogram monitoring, Smart auditing, Automated void, sales and stock analysis means you'll know when stock is available or unavailable

Greater speed to market

Powerful task and priority delivery and compliance measure means that your products and promotions are delivered faster than ever. In some clients, this time can reduce by over 6 weeks.

Higher trade standards

Compliance, report and field visit aggregation is incredibly easy with Shiftlineup. Transparency and visual tools ensure execution is being carried out at the standard you expect

Better client relationships

Your team will be prepared with the right tools, organized, informed and have a sense of accountability to ensure that your clients are served as well as they can be.

How much will you save?

With time and cost savings across multiple areas of your business, Shiftlineup will make an instant impact on your bottom line.

Reduction in Administration

Centralized communication tools, Cross business accessible client information, automated and aggregated reporting means less time with administrative tasks, more time winning business.

In Travel Costs & Time

Visual & Automated routing planning, cycle & schedule management and in-app, real time best routing means no matter the conditions, your team spends more time selling and less time in the car.

Want to see how ShiftLineup can help your business?