Software for Field Teams and Sales Reps

Empower your team with market leading tools that help them sell - in real time

Our platform is a powerful business tool designed to empower sales teams, facilitate impactful decisions and drive efficiency. ShiftLineup is perfect for any business that requires a system to manage their end to end sales, territories, scheduling, field reporting, operations, customer and retail environments.

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Software for Merchandising

Maximize your merchandising potential through efficient and effective software

Cloud & App based Merchandising software that enables ultimate productivity, efficiency and automation through a series of easy to use tools to help you get the most from your team

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Software for Managing Brand Ambassadors, Assisted Selling and Demonstrators

Roster and execute distributed workforces of all sizes with ease

Our unique end-to-end platform, from recruiting to rostering to execution and automated reporting, ShiftLineup is the perfect platform to manage your Brand Ambassadors, Assisted Selling or Demonstrating team.

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One platform, many benefits

Cost Savings & Sales Growth

Proven with our clients, find out more about how ShiftLineup can save you money and help grow your business

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Configurable & Multi-Disciplined

Multiple configurations and Centralization makes ShiftLineup a great platform for businesses of all sizes

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Feature Rich

We offer a wide range of features on our platform designed to help you run effectively, efficiently and sell more

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